My Story

I was born in Hawaii and growing up my nickname was Kaimana. Although Hawaii will always be my spiritual home,
I have lived in different places…New York, Arizona, Colorado and currently in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California.

Painting Since


Based In

Northern California

Fun Fact:

I love riding my motorcycle on long tours throughout the country.

After many years of creative writing I started painting

AAfter many years of creative writing I started painting in 1986 and realized it was a much deeper way to express myself. At first my art had more of a realistic style that depicted my everyday experiences. Over time my work developed into a visual impression of the world around me and the mystery within. This is reflected especially in terms of the shifting effect of light and color. My art evolved into an abstract expression of my wonderment of the beauty (and sometimes pain) I see and feel all around me.

The art always seems to take me beyond what I imagined. Sometimes when I paint, I realize I am merely a witness to what transpires while the brush is in my hand. Art is inspired by many influences. Music is a huge inspiration to me as it opens me up on a deeper level and transports me to a higher place. Also I reflect much of who I am and what has brought me to this point in life. I perceive joy, happiness, occasional painful experiences, much love, many friends, outer experiences, inner perceptions…these influences have shaped my life and are expressed in my art.

It is the life within and without that truly has lead me to create what you see here……life is short, art is long.